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The ocarina is an ancient flute-like wind instrument. It is one of the oldest musical instruments on Earth. It is usually made up of an oval-shaped enclosed space and four to thirteen finger holes, though there are some variations on the standard design. A mouth tube projects from it. It is often ceramic, but many other materials may also be used, including plastic, wood, glass, and metal.

The "Sweet Potato Ocarina" is a replica of the actual Ocarina of Time from the Legend of Zelda series from Nintendo.

It has a deep cobalt blue glaze. This ocarina is not a plastic toy or merely a collectors' item,
but a high quality, hand-crafted and tuned musical instrument made of the highest quality kiln-fired ceramic

The tone is crystal clear, and very easy to play. Your breath powers the instrument, and your fingers, (two for the right side holes, two for the left, and one or two thumb holes on the bottom) define which notes you will play. All the notes are there for a complete chromatic (with all the sharps and flats) octave, plus up to four tones above the octave. Very little breath pressure is required, and a great range of dynamics is possible, from a quiet mellow song to a wild raucous dance tune.

The Songbird Ocarina is handcrafted by professional flute player/maker, Darryn Songbird. Finely tuned and raku fired for beauty and durability, each instrument has excellent tone and plays all notes of the scale crystal clear. Songbird Ocarinas come with a songbook and are easy to play (no musical experience is required). Order a pendant-style Ocarina and always carry a tune!

Shop our selection of Songbird Legend of Zelda Ocarinas and Susato concert quality ocarinas at our store or online.



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